And Now For Something Totally Different

When we decided to go out to dinner Saturday night we were faced with that age old dilemma. Where do you want to go?

Well, we’d had our Asian fix earlier in the week and we weren’t in the mood for Mexican. I wanted something different which meant no place on Campbell Avenue, which is with its myriad of choices and proximity to home and where we head when we go out.

But then inspiration hit….The Parish!

Located on North Oracle at Orange Grove, this “Southern Fusion Gastropub” doesn’t always pop up on our list, but that’s our fault. Every time we’ve eaten there, we’ve enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

So off we went….and within ten minutes we were sitting at the bar (folks were waiting for tables but bar eating is one our faves and the bar at The Parish is a great one.)

The beer list is long and varied. Sincerely, if you can’t find a beer to your liking here, then stay at home.

We ordered quickly and then proceeded to watch the busy bartenders do their thing. And busy they were, but not so much so as to not have time to chat.

Chef Travis Gary Peters brings years of experience and a clever hand to the menu at The Parish. While there are plenty of the “usual suspects’ on the menu, they are done with flair and creativity.You’ll also find unusual items, often served as specials.

We ordered the fish fry (called the “World’s Crispiest”) and the ruby red trout.DSCN2354 For starters we opted for the pigs’ tailsDSCN2356 although those darn hush puppies tempted.hushpuppiesparish

Had I been reviewing our experience, service would’ve gotten dinged for bringing us our entrees before the nosh. But everything else was so perfect that this was a minor glitch.

Our beers were frosty cold. The portions were more than generous and prepared so as to make the most of the ingredients.

The trout came with black rice that resembled quinoa in looks and flavor; a totally different and delicious side dish. The trout was luscious and savory, falling away with just a light touch of my fork. The greens, served in a cast iron pan, knocked me out. Tender, laced with pork and spiced just so. They were crave-worthy.

The fried fish was also fab.DSCN2355 Crispy yet light, the coating allowed the white fish to shine. And in a day when fries at many places are limp and flavorless, these potatoes were cooked perfectly and nicely seasoned.

The pigs’ tails were huge and not like any I’ve had in the past. Juicy, meaty and fatty in a good way, they could have been a meal on their own. We took them home and had them for lunch the next day.

We skipped dessert. That’s for next time and believe me, there will be a next time.