Plenty of Good Eats

With the exception of the first event there is enough time to get a reservation for any one of these fabulous events.

September 11. 2018

North Italia Community Dinner


Chef Omar Huerta will prepare a four course/wine paired dinner at North Italia in Tucson.



Buffalo mozzarella, ‘nduja, crusty barrio bread, potato fritter, olive oil


Hayden flour mills hand cut pasta, Mediterranean mussels, heirloom cherry tomato, chick pea and pepperncino


Swordfish, tomato, olive, caper, asparagus chicory salad


Chef’s whim

Cost $60 call 299 1600 for rezzies.


Not to be outdone by its fancier sister restaurant, Zin Burger (also part of the Fox Restaurant Concepts) has the final Beer Pairing Dinner at the River Road site.

The beers are all from Sierra Nevada and the three courses start with a salad of heirloom roasted carrots and avocado with feta and toasted pumpkin seeds in a lemon vinaigrette.

Second course us a Brat Burger topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and a honey Dijon pickle.

Apple Strudel with cinnamon, crème anglaise and caramel finishes off the dinner.

$35 per person

Call 299 7799 to reserve your spot.


Maynards in the historic rail depot has a great Arizona dinner planned on September 21 at 7:00pm

First Course
AZ beef tartare, jalapeño aioli, pomegranate, cured duck egg, puffed sweet potato
Pairing: Callaghan Buena Suerta 2015

Second Course
Ancho glazed quail, apple-chorizo stuffing, ayocote morado beans, celery root
Pairing: Dos Cabezas Red 2014

Third Course
Desert campfire, Ibarra chocolate, mezcal marshmallow, mesquite crumble, prickly pear, horchata sorbet
Pairing: Sand Reckoner R 2015

Iron Chef 2018 winner Chef Brian Smith and sommelier Will Olendorf are a creative duo and if the dinner I went to a month or so ago is any indication, this should be a grand evening.


Reservations can be made online.


Finally, The Gastronomic Union of Tucson is having their final summer.

While I haven’t found a menu yet, the food at the last dinner was great. This time the focus is on The Future of Tucson Cuisine.

What makes this event memorable is the fact that dinner is prepared (and served) by a list of clever young chefs in town.

$75 for tickets.


Don’t ever say there’s nothing happening in Tucson.

A Night at the Theatre & a Tasty Meal

Just when you think Janos Wilder has done it all, he pulls another trick from his magic bag.

Starting in September with the Arizona Theater Company’s season-opener – Native Gardens – Wilder will create a special menu to be served at the Temple of Music and Art.

For every production, Janos at the Temple will serve a buffet that reflect various aspects of the production. Native Gardens, a comedy that pits the generational differences between two couples, will feature A Garden BBQ with dishes from an English garden contrasting with plates from a border fiesta. For example: An English garden salad vs. a Southwest Caesar or Grilled chicken vs cochinita pibil.

Meals start 90 minutes before the production at both matinees and evening performances. Cost for lunch is $14.50 and dinner $24.50. Quite a bargain considering you’re getting a meal from a James Beard Award winning chef and a local icon.

ATC has a full and varied slate planned for the 2018/2019 season and Janos has plans to create dishes that will reflect his love for Tucson and the creativity of ATC.

Theater tickets are available at and offer a wide range of prices.

Janos at The Temple is certainly going to be a fine way to start an evening at the theater.

PS: Janos continues his Around the Globe Summer Culinary Tour with a special meal featuring food from Jeonju, Korea, a sister UNESCO City of Gastronomy. Korean Fried Chicken (it puts other fried chicken to shame), Bo Saam (a heavenly slow-roasted pork) and Asian Pear an Ginger sorbet are just a few items to choose from in the three course meal served at Downtown Kitchen & Cocktails.

Just a few words and pics from last night’s GUT dinner

Last night’s Gastronomic Union of Tucson‘s dinner was a fab time. Good food, good drinks and good company. What more could one ask out of a night on the town.IMG_0416


I missed some picks of the Passed Hors D’oeuvres but other wise I did by best.

The camaraderie among the chefs was a big part of the evening. I knew quite a few and was able to put faces to names for others.


The Wild West vibe was there from beginning to end, even in the music. The group had done their research.


Here are some pics of two starters: the chicken roulade and the Chinese chorizo steam buns.




IMG_0406These were followed by three entrees:

Trout with hominy and corn consumme and fava beans, cabra (goat three ways) and beef plates with a colorful assortment of colors and flavors. Dessert – see featured photo was a white velvet cake with mesquite bacon.




GUT Does It Again!

Tucson chefs are an unusual bunch. Not because they are offbeat and kooky (okay, some are but that’s why we love them), but because they support one another and love to collaborate as a group. Professional jealousy is not in their make-up.
This quality has resulted in plenty of great cooperative meals but also in the creation of The Gastronomic Union of Tucson, aka GUT.
Since its inception a few years back, GUT has out on numerous food and drink events that attract local foodies all eager to get an opportunity to sample the best from multiple kitchens in one sitting.
This Sunday,August 26th, GUT will be serving up a tribute to Tucson’s past at the GUT Wild West! Dinner. We were invited and are looking forward to dining at Carriage House.
Below is the menu and the roster of chefs who will be there. One of the neat parts takes place behind the kitchen doors when the chefs team up to help prep and serve.
I am so looking forward to the dinner. I love the creativity but I also love the cooperative efforts. Plus, I’ll get to talk to some of my fave chefs.
Tickets are still available for $75.
Kickoff is at 6pm


Corn and Cactus Fruit Gazpacho

Old Pueblo Chicken Roulade

Cowboy Cornbread Chili

Chinese Chorizo Steam Buns


Citrus-brined Apache trout, hominy, corn consommé, fava beans, almond chile foam


Chuck wagon stew: goat 3 preparations, braised turnips, goat fat hoe cake, squash chips, bone broth


Saloon beef & coffee, smoked marrow, chiles, onions, corn, pickles, foie gras


Mesquite bacon velvet cake, pecan dacqouise, barrel cactus fruit jam, goat milk tarragon Bavarian cream and chiltepin tuile


Ken Foy, Dante’s Fire

Gary Hickey, Charro Steak

Obadiah Hindman, Mountain Oyster Club

Izaak Morhaim, Harvest Oro Valley

Bruce Yim, Hacienda Del Sol

Travis Peters, The Parish

Wendy Gauthier, Chef Chic

Daniel Thomas, Bird Bar & Chicken

Roderick Ledesma, Casino Del Sol

Stacy Vernooy, Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails

Mat Cable, Fresco

Devon Sanner, The Carriage House

Rica Rances, The Parish

Juan Jose Almanza, El Taco Rustico

Matt Kraiss, Thunder Canyon Brewstillery

Vanessa Moon, Phoenix Salt and Spice

Jerome Camacho, Charro Steak

Nohemi Montoya, Eurest

Michael Estelle, Mountain Oyster Club

Buddy Hopkins, Thunder Canyon Brewstillery

Janet Jones, Tanque Verde Guest Ranch

Max Provost, Gastronomic Soldier of Fortune

David Hargis, Charro Steak



From the better late than never file comes a peachy prospect.

Sauce Pizza and Wine has created clever ways to serve the last of the summer peaches. During August, which is officially National Peach Month, diners can enjoy peaches in numerous peachy ways.

A Roasted Peach bruschetta kicks off a meal; peaches, ricotta, lemon, prosciutto and a balsamic glaze are all served on a crusty Tuscan bread. The perfect pairing for this dish? Sauce’s Peach Bellini.

Follow this with a Roasted Peach Salad or a Roasted Peach pizza and your evening will be complete.Image.15338293820499

There are four Sauce locations in Tucson and numerous others through the state and several in New Mexico. All will be peaching it until the last day in August.

Of course, it peaches aren’t your thing, Sauce Pizza and Wine has a full menu of pizzas, salads, panini, soups, pastas and, of course, wines.

We just may do dinner there tonight.

Beer and Sausage – A Match Made in Heaven or at least Tucson

Several years back we were considering investing in a local business and one that came to our attention was Ten 55 Brewing.

The team, J.P. Vyborny and Chris Squires were looking to expand and make a move downtown from their original site on the far southside. They were young, articulate and serious about their beer.

Well, things didn’t quite work out on our end but Vyborny and Squires persisted and last week opened Ten 55 Brewing and Sausage House on Congress Street just east of Stone Avenue. The beer includes many Ten 55 brews and a handful of Old World options; the sausage comes from a partnership with Ben Forbes, the go-to guy for meats these days in town. Forbes shop is in Rincon Market and he works with restaurants all over Tucson.

I got invited to the soft opening and went with a few fellow food writers. The place was abuzz with activity. Everyone got to choose either an Italian sausage sandwich with peppers and onions or a brat with kraut. We could have two beers. Little cones of ‘pickled things’ were brought to the table.

The sausages were fat, juicy and fresh. The beer cold. What more could one ask from a place with beer and sausage in its name?IMG_0919

The high ceilings allowed for a loft toward the back of the building just over the kitchen. Walls are exposed brick with simple tables and chairs. It is meant to be fancy; this is beer and brats after all.IMG_0918

The regular menu has a long list of sausages. All the usual suspects are there but then Forbes offers other intriguing items such as chicken parmesan, lamb merguez and duck lemongrass and ginger. They are all made to pair with the beer menu.IMG_0922

Other foods include pimento cheese with bread, chicharrones, Belgian fries (which are rumored to be fantastic), a few salads and a grilled cheese sandwich or two.

There is also brunch on Sundays with a dish called Pig and Chick (fried chicken, sausage gravy and a fried egg over fries) and a Hawaiian breakfast sandwich which features Hawaiian linguiza, fried egg, mayo and tomato.

If the Ten 55 puts in as much energy into this new project that they have with their original brewery than Ten 55 Brewing and Sausage House will be a hit and a great addition to the happenings downtown.

Cherries, Fish and a Wedding

Although I grew up in Wisconsin, surrounded by greenery and water in every direction, whenever I travel back to the Midwest I am amazed at the lushness of it all.

Trees that tower overhead providing shade and cool breezes. Lakes and rivers all sparkly and bright. Truly beautiful in the summer. Totally different come November through April.

I marveled all this at my niece’s wedding a couple of weekends back. The wedding was in Traverse City, which is surrounded by both Lake Michigan and what seems like hundreds of tiny inland bodies of water.

The surrounding farmland is rich with farms that grow vegetables of all sorts and acres and acres of fruit trees, most notably cherries. In fact, Traverse City is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States. The queen of tart cherries is the United States with the prize cherries being Montmorency cherries that have been grown in the area since the mid-1800’s.

And with all that water, fresh fish, and plenty of it is bountiful. Whitefish was even part of the entrée at the wedding,

The wedding was gorgeous. So many beautiful, young, smart people. Family who I never get to see. Happiness everywhere. And my niece was one of the prettiest brides ever.

Our dining stops were few as the wedding took up a day but we did sneak in a few bites. I didn’t take any pictures because it didn’t seem the thing to do so any photos here from the restaurants web sites.

For the rehearsal dinner we enjoyed BBQ at Blue Tractor BBQ and Brewery in Traverse City. The buffet offered a choice of pulled pork, chicken, brisket and ribs as well as mac and cheese, slaw and fresh fruit. Tasty and satisfying especially with a tumbler of bourbon. 34160921_10155903790633052_6439590933867528192_n

Dinner one night was on the rooftop of a place called The Franklin. With a menu that has the proverbial something for everyone we started with clams & calamari and smoked rainbow trout for apps. There was schnitzel ordered and I believe a prime rib sandwich but I had to have the lake perch dinner.


We stopped at Milk & Honey, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that mixed fresh fruit and other flavorings on a marble slab.

If you’ve never had lake perch please before you leave the planet try some. The Franklin’s version was sweet and light and made me wish there was more of it.

Cherry Republic, a company dedicated to all things cherry, was a must visit. The rustic looking shop is in downtown Traverse City, but there are other stores in the area. So many choices – there are samples every which way – but I only brought home a small jar of the cherry preserves.cherry-jam.png

The next day we opted for more fish, specifically walleye, a fish that is truly only appreciated in the Mid-West. Walleye is full of flavor, meaty but still tender and can be made any number of ways. We found a casual spot called Scalawag’s Whitefish & Chips that featured not just walleye but whitefish, perch, cod (not local) and shrimp in baskets or in sandwiches.fish_basket

We all had the same item, a walleye sandwich, that was delish. Again, I wished for more. The fish was crispy and piping hot. There was no need for any seasoning and to put tartar sauce on the sandwich would’ve been criminal.

We took a ride out to a brewery where the kids picked up a couple of bottles to take home and then headed back into town where we ate at Slabtown Burgers.


The place, a converted house, was packed with a long line out the door. Here burgers reign and my double cheeseburger was a huge stack of savory beef, melty cheese and other toppings. The shakes were almost too thick but they were the perfect ‘Pairing.’

Thank you to my sister Nancy and family, Riene, Sam and Charlie and to brother Stan and clan.

Hope to see you soon.

We only experienced a small portion of what Northern Michigan has to offer (wineries, cideries, breweries, outdoor activities, shopping) but to everybody else out there, if you ever get the chance visit Northern Michigan….GO!