A Kiss is More Than a Kiss at Boca Tacos & Tequila

Full confession: I’ve never eaten at Boca Tacos & Tequila. Until today that is. I stopped in for some info for my book but after reading the menu I had to order something. The choices were so intriguing.

Now I know what everyone has been talking about.

The tacos were fantastic!

Maria Mazon is a fabulous chef and she’s creating some of the most interesting and delicious tacos in town.

I had the Mar y Terra taco and the Calabacitas taco. Both were served on warm, soft corn tortillas although flour tortillas are also available.

The Mar y Terra had the best of both worlds –  steak and beer battered fish. The calabacitas held a stuffed Anaheim chile, squash, corn, tomato sauce. Both were topped with creamy guacamole and cabbage. Two of Maria’s famous salsa came with: one was tomato and guacamole and the other was a spicy something spicy (I didn’t quite catch it all.)

But no matter, these were some of the best tacos I’ve had in ages. Perfectly seasoned. Perfectly cooked. And the great part was there was actual wait time which means they were cooked to order. No steam table fillings here…

Hats off to you Maria Mazon. I can’t wait to go back.