Series 19 -A New and Very Sexy Addition to Downtown

A few years back in a tiny hard-to-find spot on Tucson’s Southside, two creative and thirsty guys joined forces and opened a distillery dedicated to making fine spirits using local ingredients.

Matt Montgomery and Chris Dudding opened Three Wells Distilling Company with the hopes of producing quality gin and agave spirits. Montgomery was trained as a distiller and Dudding was a chemist and together they had the knowledge and the passion to make a go of it. They also had a great source of water from the three wells on Montgomery’s property in Sahuarita and a secret source of juniper from Mount Lemmon.

Gold-Hard Way

The result was Mt. Lemmon Gin that was so good that people who scorned gin soon became lovers of the shimmering liquid.

This was followed by a full menu of agave-based liquors that have been won legions of fans. More recently they’ve added vodka and bourbon to their cupboard.

This week Montgomery and Dudding opened a tasting room in Downtown Tucson called Series 19 after a section in the state liquor laws that allows distillers and wine makers to run places featuring their products.Three Wells Vodka

They’ve kicked the concept up a notch or two by featuring spirits made all over Arizona. There isn’t anything like in Tucson and maybe not even in the state.


Series 19 is a smart looking space, tiny but spacious thanks to the high ceilings and golden tones on the walls. The bar itself has a beautiful display of all the liquors available. Seating is plentiful. The most amazing part of the space is that Montgomery, a professional carpenter, did all the work himself.


There is a smart cocktail list that uses fresh ingredients like mint and mangos.

The vibe is very adult and sexy.

On the website and business cards is a phrase, “Be proud of your Spirits.”

Montgomery and Dudding have plenty to be proud of and with this new venture they can do a little bragging.

Vodka in the Desert

Well, that marvelous local distillery, Three Wells Distillery, is at it again. This time instead of agave, they are putting out Tucson’s first local vodka.

Taking a softer turn, Three WellsThree Wells Vodka.png has created a different kind of vodka. And it sounds delicious.

Three Wells Vodka is triple distilled and the water uses comes from deep in the earth (480  feet to be exact). Using only 100% copper stills, the team has created a vodka that is both earthy and sweet with a grassy tone and hints of floral.

It will soon be distributed statewide thanks to Hensley Beverage Company.

I think this calls for a party.









Local Distillery Lauches a Local Gin

It’s not very often one gets to learn something and have fun, but yesterday’s tour of Three Wells Distilling Company offered both.

We got to tour this craft distillery yesterday and even though gin is not really my libation of choice the samples we sipped yesterday were fab.

What made it especially fun was our guide, owner Matt Montgomery. He and his partner Chris are relatively new to the craft distillery scene but they’re already putting out great products (not just gin) and are enthusiastically pitching their products at events all over Southeastern Arizona. DSCN2211

We were there for the Mt. Lemmon Gin tasting and tour.

The gin is made from scratch using a plethora of local botanicals with the dominate flavor coming from juniper berries they pick on nearby Mt. Lemmon.DSCN2216

Other local tastes include chiltipins and creosote, that wonderful bush that when it rains in Tucson fills the air with a heavenly scent.

The place is small but that’s not stopping them from producing a good number of bottles.

Within the month the Mt. Lemmon Gin should be available at local liquor stores and bars.

Tours of Three Wells Distilling Company  are available and plans are in the works for some real exiting hands on fun.DSCN2222