Ermano’s at Last!

Yesterday while touring the Modern Streetcar route, we finally had a chance to eat at Ermano’s Craft Beer & Wine Bar on Fourth Avenue.

I’d been there before on a busy evening, but had only sampled the nachos

The space is open and industrial. We wouldn’t remember what it used to be, but they did a great job of turning it into a gorgeous bar and dining room.

My sister and her husband were visiting from Michigan so with four people we had the opportunity to try several items. It was Taco Tuesday (@$2.00 each). it was Happy Hour and we had a 10% off coupon, so we chowed down. DSCN2104

The three of them ordered various craft beers and i went with the Sand Reckoner “R”.

We started with the deviled eggs and the hummus plate.DSCN2103 The eggs were served with house pickles and candied jalapenos and were both creamy and spicy. The hummus pate was unusual in that the hummus was made from black-eyed peas. The naan that came with it was also made in house.DSCN2102

The guys went with the fish tacos, which yesterday were made with grilled tilapia and a mess of house slaw and other stuff. They were tiny but packed with great flavors and textures.

I opted for mac n’ cheese. It was a perfect rendition. DSCN2106The bechamel sauce was almost light but what too the dish over the top was the big bites of house cured bacon.

We shared the fries. DSCN2108This was a generous serving and tasted like potatoes. They were also cooked like french fries are supposed to be cooked, some thing that is hard to find these days.

No real room for dessert.