First Annual Guac Bowl Rocked

A bit belated but a big shout out to the people who held the First Annual Guiacamole Bowl at St. Philip’s Plaza on Sunday.IMG_0306IMG_0309

A handful of restaurants, caterers and even Pima College’s Culinary Program plied their avocado creations to hungry eaters. Bags of chips were handed out at the gate to make all that munching easier (I believe they were made by Reforma, the upscale Mexican eatery located in the plaza.IMG_0305

Voting for the best guac was hot and heavy but the winner, at least in my opinion, was spot on. PCC Culinary Program served their guac on durros, those weird wheel-shaped snacks that are totally addicting. Their guac was rich, smooth, thick and the falcors were well-balanced.IMG_0302

Thank you, Tucson Flavors, Reforma and all the participants for a tasty afternoon.