A Return to Culinary Dropout

Just a short note today; we returned to Culinary Dropout yesterday and unlike our last attempt when there was a forty-five-minute wait for a table. we were seated immediately. Plenty of tables were filled with an assortment of people from grandparents and grandkids (adults) to a group of guys from Cox playing shuffleboard in the back to the usual ladies who lunch.IMG_0083

Service was typical of a Fox restaurant, friendly smiles from all the staff, a team effort which meant our food and drink were arrived in a timely manner and a feeling that the people like working there.

I had to have the deviled eggs. There were only three to the order as they are part of the antipasto choices, but they were creamy, rich and topped with crispy prosciutto. Next time I’ll double order. A neat option that wasn’t available at the soft opening is the antipasto menu, which resembles a sushi menu. You check off the items you want ant the quantity. Clever and quick.

We went with two sandwiches: the grinderIMG_0081 and the French dip. Both used a nice, soft roll and were not obnoxiously large and overstuffed. The beef in the French dip was prime rib and the au jus was real. By that I mean, it came from prime rib juices and not that synthetic, salty brown water found every place else. Good french fries are hard to come by these days, but the fries here were hot, cripsy, salty, in other words, perfect.IMG_0080

Finished off with the monkey bread, a great iteration of the cinnamon soaked bread dessert. The vanilla ice cream on the side was the perfect complement to the lush sweetness.

Most of the pictures I took were of the space rather than the food. I am astounded by the look and the feel of Culinary Dropout. Mile-high ceilings, large windows, plenty of room between tables give a sense of space. IMG_0079Chairs and tables are mix and match with plaids and florals and stripes in an assortment of colors. There must be at least six or seven different styles of chairs and almost that many types of tables. Lighting is industrial but stylish. The artwork is fabulous with a nod to rock/movie stars. The yard part, which is both indoors and out, feels like the perfect backyard for entertaining.

We will return because there are so many items I want to try.