A Bird in the Hand

Yesterday we went to Culinary Dropout for lunch but when we got there we found the place packed with a forty-minute wait.

So, we moved on with plans on returning in a few weeks.

We opted for Bird, another restaurant on my list.

Located in Casas Adobes Plaza, Bird Modern Provisions  serves Southern comfort food.

The space is beautiful and in no way, resembles the bland little eatery that had been there. I only took a quick glance at the bar when we walked in but from what I saw it was warm and welcoming.

The dining room is filled with natural light from the two walls of windows. I had a fantastic view of the Catalinas. Tables are space comfortably apart and the chairs were comfortable.

Water glasses are made from wine bottles. The napkins are white but the blue trim takes away any stuffiness that white napkins can have.

The wine list is small and comprised of not so familiar wines. We went with beers from the nice mix if local, craft and national brews.

The menu offers interesting takes on all those ladies-who-lunch favorites. A whole section is devoted to shared plates.

For some reason, and I really don’t care why, deviled eggs are appearing on menus all over town. These throwbacks to mid-twentieth century entertaining are a favorite of mine. My mom only made them when we were having company and she always made extra because we kids would eat all the ones meant for guests if she wasn’t paying attention.

Bird’s deviled eggs were tiny, creamy, subtly flavored with mustard and tasty. Another order wouldn’t have been out of line but our entrees arrived. They look like little chicks and are finished off with cured mustard seeds.

John ordered the fried green tomato sandwich, which is, a pulled pork sandwich with a schmear of pimento cheese, arugula, pickled onion and of course a fried green tomato. The bun was sturdy and held up under all those messy ingredients. He opted for the house-made potato chips which were slightly thick and crisped to a golden brown.IMG_0568

Fried chicken is on the menu in several iterations from a full dinner to a salad to the hot friend chicken sandwich that I ordered. The piece of chicken – breast meat – went beyond the sturdy hamburger bun is served on. Ultra-crispy, lightly seasoned and topped with a crunchy slaw, a sweet hot blend of honey and Tabasco, Dijonaise, pickles and a dab of dill, the sandwich was a pleasant blend of tastes and textures.  IMG_0571

If the bird served in this sandwich is any indication of what their whole bird tastes like, I know what I’m ordering the next time I go to Bird, although the shrimp and grits sounded pretty good, too.