GUT – Pop Up Dinner from Around the World at Carriage House

The Gastronomic Union of Tucson  – GUT – is at it again. On July 30, GUT, will be hosting their second pop-up dinner at Carriage HouseGUT-32-DEGREES.

Just like the first dinner GUT will bring together chefs from all over Tucson to prepare a five course dinner with wine.

This dinner will bring together the flavors found East along the 32nd North Parallel. Tastes from Japan, India and of course, Tucson and Arizona will come together for this one of a kind dinner.

Wines are poured at 6:00. Dinner starts at 6:30. Seating is limited. Cost is $75.

Snout-to-Tail #2:

32 Degrees North Latitude

Think Globally, Pork Locally


Passed Hors d’oeuvre:


Oysters on half-shell with bacon fat mignonette

Low-country shrimp boil skewers

Aged cheddar pimento cheese with ham garnish on saltines

 First Course:


Tonkotsu, alkaline noodles, i’itoi onion, soy and sherry vinegar pickled shiitake, pork jowl chashu

Second Course:


Pork Tikka Masala, coriander basmati, minted cashew cream, kiwi chutney, chicharron roti

Third Course:


Mesquite-smoked pork rib, Arizona-creosote polenta, proscuitto-wrapped belly rib, fermented nopales



Croquant pig ear on white chocolate, hibiscus & Fujian white Szechuan ice cream

The chefs/collaborators for this dinner will include:

Max Provost, private chef and caterer
Jason Purdy, Ermanos
C.J. Hamm, Saguaro Corners, Mulligan’s Sports Grill
Matt Kraiss, Ermanos
Roderick LeDesma, Primo
Devon Sanner, The Carriage House
Eric Catalano, The Forum at Tucson
Janet Jones, Hacienda Del Lago
Ben Forbes, Forbes Meat Company
Drew Burk, mercenary chef