What’s in a Name?

We ate at The Garage on 4th Avenue for the first time yesterday and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

When I heard about the concept and the location I sort of shrugged it off as ‘oh, well, another burger, taco, beer joint’ on the Ave.DSCN2760

But from the moment we walked in there yesterday for lunch there was a great vibe to the place. Casual décor with a hint to the buildings origins (a mechanic shop) yet totally modern.

Service was swift and super friendly. The beer selection was just enough to choose from and our choices were nice and cold.

The menu is smartly small: some quirky starters, a few interesting sounding salads, taco, sandwiches that included regular options but prepped in different ways and burgers.

We had two burgers: The #1 (American, caramelized onion, chipotle tomato, garage sauce) and build your own (blue cheese, shoe-string fried onions and the house aioli sauce) and some fries.DSCN2758

The burgers were cooked to well-done – for “safety purposes” according to the menu – and a little crispy outside, but they weren’t dry. The brioche bun is locally sourced and held up under some deliciously messy toppings.DSCN2757

I’ll definitely return, if only to try the charred guacamole appetizer and the fried calamari Caesar salad.