Can You Say ‘Pastizzi’?

One of the great pleasures of being a food writer is learning about new foods. Yes, it’s true, we food writers don’t know everything there is to know about food….

And so it was with pastizzi. Pastizzi is from Malta, an island country set in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Tunisia.

Pastizzi are a savory pastry and are usually filled with either ricotta or split peas and curry. I had my first one last year at the Iron Chef Competition, where Malta Joe was handing out samples. They were yummy and truly different. At that time, Joe was selling them out of his kitchen but I never heard or saw them again, until this week when Joe contacted me to let me know pastizzi are now available at Savaya Coffee, at farmers markets and on his website. If you are ever in Patagonia, they are also sold at Velvet Elvis.

Now Tucson has one more flavorful treat to add to our list of all the foods that make our City of Gastronomy great.

Check out this flavorful treat at


Rumor is that if you live in Tucson, Joe might just deliver the patizzi right to your front door.