Oh What a Week It Was!

The work for my new book has kept me very busy so finding time to post has been tough.

But in the last week or so I’ve eaten at several places I’ve never eaten before (and some that I have) and I have to say I enjoyed every bite.

I tried to take pictures but wasn’t always successful. That only means I have to return to fill up my portfolio.

So here’s what I ate and where:

The Bubble Waffle at Teaspoon: Decidedly different and crave-worthy. (Mary Jo had the omelet). Apparently the waffle is Hong Kong street food.



No photo of the food, but the pork tenderloin sandwich at Johnny Gibson’s market: This would give any pork tenderloin sandwich in Iowa a run for its money.


A whole slew of great items at New Delhi Palace when I was on On The Menu….Live.



I was blown away at how flavorful and rich the food was there. I’ve never had lamb shops that were so tender and the sauce was a knockout.

And the pescado al a menier IMG_0238 at Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine celebrating Karyn Zoldan’s birthday. Edie Jarolim had the aji de gallina. IMG_0240

The food was perfectly cooked and again the flavors were outstanding.

Oh, I also forgot…..patos tacos IMG_0236 at Elliot’s before I was on After Hours with Frank Powers.

I finished it off with ribs from Brushfire delivered to my front door. Yum! (ps photo below is not from Brushfire. So sorry.


Hong Kong, Peru, Iowa, Mexico, India…flavors from the world over and all right here in Tucson.