Summertime and the Eating is Easy

Summer in Tucson is not for the weak at heart but it is ideal for foodies.

Kingfisher has released it Road Trip itinerary and while all the details aren’t finalized here’s the list of where you’ll be eating and who your driver (chef) will be,

We try and make a couple of times each summer. We sit in the the best bar in town and enjoy everything from apps to one of Marianne’s fab desserts.

Give it a try.

I’ll be posting other Summer Special Events as the week progresses

  • May 26-June 13 – Southwest, Chef Fred Harris


  • June 14 – June 29 –  Pacific Northwest, Chef Jeff Azersky


  • Kingfisher will be closed for vacation from June 30 through July 13


  • July 13 – July 24 – Great Plains/Midwest, Chef Jim Murphy


  • July 25 – August 3 – Back East Chef Jeff Azersky


  • August 4 – August 16 – Californa/Hawaii Chef Fred Harris


  • August 17 – September 3 –  Down South, Chef Jim Murphy