Pi Day Pizza

In preparation for Pi Day we opted for pizza pie last night for dinner.

We opted for Fiamme Pizza, the newest pie in town. Well, not really new. Fiamme has been tossing pies with its mobile oven at Heirloom Farmers Market for over a year.

The brick and mortar store is located on the Southeast corner of Swan and Sunrise (in the Safeway Plaza). The space is small and you can’t help but notice the red, hot oven located just inside.

Our dinner was fab!

We started with the meat and cheese board. While it could’ve used one or two more pieces of bread the mix of meats and cheeses were ideal: salami, prosciutto, sopressatta, Gorgonzola, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, pear slices and grapefruit.IMG_0142[1]

We ordered the Margherita (which was at half-price) and the Diavola, the house pepperoni pie. We didn’t know that they haven’t gotten their liquor license yet but we were informed that you can bring your own wine or beer and they have glasses.

I was able to watch the pies being made and all the people coming through the doors. Both impressive.

And the pies were delish!. Perfect crust that thanks to the hot oven was slightly charred and perfectly chewy. The salami was spicy but that was just fine by us. And the sauce just the way I like it; not overly seasoned, rich but not thick, popping with tomato flavor.

Service was a little spacey but I think they’re working out the kinks.

We’ll be back, bottle of wine in hand.