On the Town

Earlier this week I met friends Karyn Zoldan of Circle of Food blog and Norma Gentry of ProVentures for dinner and drinks at Reilly Craft Pizza & Drinks.

Reilly is located Downtown and is in the site of a former funeral parlor. But there’s nothing spooky about the place. No, indeed.

The space has been beautifully restored highlighting the beauty of its former iteration while adding sleek modern touches. There is a bar area, a main dining room with a lively open kitchen, a beer garden (in actuality, the renovated carriage house where the hearses were parked) and a very cool speakeasy in the basement (which I’ve been told was the former morgue).

The menu is small but filled with plenty of great options and is divided into Smalls, Toast, Salads, Pasta and Pizza categories. We started with an avocado toast with EVOO, lemon, chile flakes and a snowy layer of grana Padano.

Melt in the mouth creamy with a slight crunch from the thick slab of bread, this was a dish I could’ve easily not shared; one, I would order again.

This was followed by the house Brussels sprouts and a roasted Crimini mushroom, mozzarella cheese and truffle cheese pizza.

Both were fantastic, especially the Brussels sprouts which had been fried and then dressed with the house hot sauce, sherry vin and pecan brittle crumble. Brussels sprouts are one of those veggies I wouldn’t ever eat in my youth, but I’ve learned to love them and Reilly’s version is a real knockout.

The pie was delish as well.dscn2570

We then went downstairs to the Tough Luck Club, Reilly’s speakeasy. The bartender kindly built two cocktails and split them. One was hot and dark; the other was lighter and fruitier. I don’t remember the names, but they are typical of the creativity folks can expect from Reilly.dscn2573

We then moved on to Tucson’s newest cocktail lounge, The Owls Club. This too is the site of a former mortuary but like Reilly, they people behind this place have done a great job balancing the old and the new.

Karyn asked for a “coffee” drink and the mixologist obliged with a potent mix of espresso liquor and whiskey (I believe). It was yummy and went down way too easy.

I can’t wait to go back to both places.