Our first trip into Manhattan included a visit to Eataly, the enormous food emporium that is the brainchild of Chef Mario Batali and crew. It’s an American riff on the original Eataly in Milan.

I know writers should never say ‘words can’t describe’ but seriously, words can’t describe this place.

From the moment you walk through the shiny doors you are surrounded by food and people looking, buying and eating food. Every where you looked, at every turn, around every corner, on every shelf, hanging from the ceiling there was beautiful, beautiful food (and people). I could’ve spent the day and a small fortune there.

We didn’t eat there because every dining spot was packed. But all the food I noticed looked scrumptious. The aromas as we passed through the various restaurants (Il Manzo (meat), Il Pesce (fish), La Pasra,  La Piazza and more).eatalymeats

You can by sweets and meats, fish eatalyseafood

and fruits, breads and spreads, cheeseseataly and….just about anything Italian you could think of. I bought a full assortment of pastas (dry pasta although the amount and types of fresh pasta were mind-boggling), dscn2510a hunk of cheese, some dried sausage, a jar of fruit spread and a jar of chocolate ganache.

Except for the pasta photo, the pics here are from Yelp and they really don’t do the place justice.

There are now or soon to be Eatalys in Chicago, Boston and other US cities. None close enough to make regular visits, but I do plan on a going back next time we are in NYC.