Brooklyn Redux

The reason for the long gap between posts is a quick trip to Brooklyn.

As usual, we ate well, both at home and at several places in Brooklyn (and a nosh and drink in Manhattan.)

Some of the photos are mine and some are lifted from Yelp. Lighting, a three-year-old and timing precluded me from taking too many pics.

I got to town just in time for dinner and we decided on pizza from nearby Franny’s. This smart, little spot has been written up, with lavish praise, in the Times, on Eater and other food pages. The menu is small but thorough and offers salumi, interesting appetizers, pastas with not the usual sauces and rustic pizzas. The clientele seemed mostly regulars. Service was spot on and the wine perfect (thanks to my daughter’s wine smarts).

We had a salumi with three meats (soppresata. finocchina and lonza),  a bright farro salad with Brussels sprouts, pickled peppers, hazelnuts and pecorino, fusilli tossed with squid, tomato and pancetta and a lovely clam pizza. As an aside, you cut the pizza with a scissors.


After robot class – yes, I said robot class – we stopped into Baba’s Pierogies, a slip of a place where the pierogie are made to order. Charlie was a celebrity here because this was his third visit. He was greeted by the two young women who own the place like he was a regular and I suppose for a three-year-old having been there two times before, he was.

There are traditional pierogies which are all made from the women’s baba’s recipes plus some unusual additions such as mac n’ cheese pierogie. Our choices were: classic potato, bacon and cheddar and throwing caution to the wind, the mac n’ cheese. We ordered them boiled although they come pan-fried with sour cream, if that’s the way you eat your pierogie. We added a side of crispy smoked bacon bites,

We also noshed on a crunchy cucumber salad and these neat little fried meatballs that they call schnitzel bites.The photo doesn’t do them justice. Imagine homemade schnitzel in bite sized form. dscn2509

We were way too full to order the dessert pierogies – maybe next time and there was enough left over to  take home for lunch the next day.


We ate at home, of course. Riene made a great cacio e pepe one evening (sorry no pictures) and then the night I babysat I had matzo ball soup that she had brought home from a deli (I think). Anyway, that was my first matzo soup and it was delish! Just whar a nana needed on a cold Brooklyn night.


Then there was lunch at Shake Shack. The burgers there are so good! Classic, moist, the perfect amount of cheese and other toppings. It’s no wonder they have such a following and I think it’s great that they now can be found all over.


On Sunday we took the train into the city to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. So many people all looking up, up. up.   It was amazing but too crowded so we headed for Gramercy Tavern. dscn2519dscn2522

In spite of the place being packed, we got a table by the window after only 15 minutes or so.  A glass of wine was in order and we had a trio of cheeses. Gramercy Tavern is a lovely spot with gracious service and a warm, inviting vibe.

On my last night we walked to Charlie’s favorite sushi place, Taro Sushi. He loves fish and recently the kids have let him eat raw fish. That night he was ravenous and inhaled five pieces.taro

The sushi we had was great! So many more choices than we ever get around Tucson, but then again, we’re in the desert.

I was impressed by the number of great places that are a five minute walk from where the kids live. We didn’t try any of the Middle Eastern places or the delis or the Mexican or the other numerous spots. But I guess that’s one of the reasons we’ll go back to Brooklyn. I’m sure you can guess the others.