Ah, North!

We hadn’t been to North Italia for some time so when we decided we wanted to have lunch at a nice place, we decided to go to this modern Italian spot.

We could’ve sat outside because the weather had finally taken a turn for the crisp but we chose a window table instead. Lunch hour had passed so the large, airy space was relatively empty. We were seated next to a couple who seemed from the conversation to be conducting business of some sort. We weren’t eavesdropping; the guy was talking very loud considering his dining partner was two feet away, but more about that later.

I was sorry to see they had taken the short rib gnocchi gnocchinorthoff the menu, replacing it with radiatorre pasta but keeping the sauce. Ah well, now I had a decision to make.

Should I order the arancni? cropped-dscn1299.jpgThose wonderful little risotto balls filled with cheese and dressed with marinara sauce

Perhaps my go-to Bolognese with house-made tagliatelle?dscn1712 No, I wanted something different.

Anyway, we decided to order the calamari to share.DSCN1576.JPG That too is a regular option, but we agreed that the dish is hard to pass up and just may be the best calamari in the city.

John ordered the margherita pizza and I went with the buratta tortelloni DSCN2484.JPGwith a brown butter sage sauce, butternut squash, Brussel leaves and chick peas.

Our wine was a nicely chilled friulano.

Lunch was a great as usual. I ate every one of the plump, cheese filled pastas. John took part of his pizza home for dinner.

We must go there more often.

Back to the loud man at the next table. He was so loud that we could hardly hear our server (granted she did speak softly, another pet peeve but only one rant per post). John asked her to repeat the specials because he couldn’t hear due to the guy next to us.

The guy was taken aback and apologized with the aside that sometimes you have to speak up because the restaurant is loud. I know that many people think that North is loud but that’s usually when the place if packed and as I said, it wasn’t. And even though he toned down his voice, he still talked on and on and on without letting his tablemate participate in the conversation. After they left, you could feel the energy level slow down.

But the food was delectable; the service on top of things and the company at my table was top notch. Loud, obnoxious people be damned.