The Best of Brooklyn

Final post: Brooklyn

Some of you know that my son-in-law, Sam has been a professional chef for years. He has worked in the best kitchens and with the top chefs in the world. These days he’s the Chief Culinary Officer for the Momofuku empire and in spite of the fact that he is very busy, he found time to make a couple of great meals for us during our visit. But, then every meal he has made for us over the years has been great (I still dream about his cassoulet he made one Christmas.)

I don’t have any photos of the pork chops he made on  his Big Green Egg one night, but you have to know the pork was perfect.

The next day he served a tasty smoked brisket that had spent the entire night in the Egg. He began with a dry rub and progressed from there.brisket-part-one We ate the well-seasoned, incredibly tender beef on soft buns that sopped up the juices that oozed from the meat. These photos don’t do this dish justice.sams-brisket We also had homemade slaw and mac and cheese. Perfect pairings.

At my request, Riene, our daughter made Mario Batali’s pasta with sausage and greens. (this is a photo of Mario’s version. Riene substitutes kale.)1000x400-q80_efed9ead723c7029b494d1608f1ebd47With a healthy dose of freshly grated Parmesan, a splash of pasta water and slow care prep the dish was spicy and creamy and practically perfect in every way.

I’ll go back.