A Sandwich by Any Other Name

We seemed to eat a lot of sandwiches on our trip to BKNY. I’m not sure why but we did.

I am not even including the sandwiches that Sam, my son-in-law/chef made from the brisket he smoked; that will be discussed in a near future post.

After a long walk down Flatbush Avenue on Sunday we ate at Junior’s, a deli famous for its fabulous cheesecake.

I had the Reuben; John had the Virginia ham/turkey sandwich. As with all good East Coast delis the minute we sat down the server brought over pickles, pickled cukes and pickled beets.staters-at-juniors All were delicious and I am not a pickled beet fan. Had we left after the pickles, I would’ve been fine.

The sandwiches were enormous. Sliced in three triangles and served with Russian dressing that was thick and rich with pickle relish, the both were the epitome of a good Jewish deli sandwich. juniors-reubanWe took the leftovers home  (along with that famous cheesecake) and had them for breakfast the next day and the next day. They paired perfectly with strong, black coffee.

Then there was the lobster roll from Luke’s Lobsters. lukeslobsterrollHad we not been with Riene, our daughter, I doubt we would’ve ever found the place. Big chunks of claw meat were dressed in a barely there dressing on a soft, buttery roll. Again, the ideal iteration of a lobster roll.

Sam needed to pick up pork chops for dinner and so we headed to G. Esposito’s in Carroll Gardens. The store was packed and with good reason. I wish I had bought some of the mozzarella that sat in the display or some of the big, fat sausages. Sam ordered an Italian sub for each of us to take home. I haven’t had an Italian sub as good as this since the Sausage Kitchen in Racine, WI (yes, I said Racine, WI.)

The bun was soft but sturdy with a nice chew and the filling – layers of cheeses and meats and veggies and peppers – was perfect. espositositalina-subBut what won me over was the dressing that was drizzled all over the stuffing. Oil and vinegar were laces with oregano, pepper and who knows what other herbs to bring out the best of all the other goodies.

The cookies from Monteleone’s Bakery next door were just like my Nana used to make.

I don’t have a photo of the porchetta panino from Tucson Gun. This tiny spot was on my list after watching hours of Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel. Actress Debi Mazur and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos opened up their shop just blocks from their home in Brooklyn. This sandwich was filled with tender, roast pork (Italian pulled pork, that is) and topped with roasted red peppers and herbs. The bun was soft, the meat sensational. I easily could’ve eaten another.

I will go back to all of these places in a heartbeat.