The List Continues

On our first night in Brooklyn we had chicken dinner delivered from Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, a place that was on my list. While I would’ve preferred visiting the restaurant all of us were too tired to do anything but hang out.

I enjoyed it immensely although I think everyone else thought it was okay. Moist and meaty on the inside and spicy on the outside it was unlike any other fried chicken I’ve ever had. The skin wasn’t crispy, but it was so full of flavor that it lingered in a nice way, although I couldn’t tell you all the spices that were used.cala-halls-nashvillechicken There were three sauces to pour on top, each with a different level of heat. I loved the collard greens; they were cooked down and lush with potlikker. And the biscuits? Big, fluffy, buttery, they were blue ribbon worthy and certainly stood on their own. Next time we eat at the restaurant.

We also got to eat at Shake Shack. There are many throughout the area now (all over the US in reality.) We ate at the one on Flatbush.

Anyway, the burger definitely lived up to the hype. shaleshackNot a preformed patty, the burger was cooked through but still moist and juicy. The cheese was melted all the way and the rest of the toppings – lettuce, tomato and pickles – were in perfect balance. The fries were hot and salty. Again, they lived up to the hype.

I almost wanted to go again while we were there and will for sure make it a regular stop any time we visit.

We seemed to have a whole bunch of sandwiches which I will write about tomorrow. Also to come:  a short recap of Gristmill and a longer, detailed review of all the great food the kids cooked for us.