A Bite of Venezuela in Tucson

In recent years, food trucks have made a huge impact on the food scene in Tucson. The trucks give people a chance to show off their culinary skills and passion on a small scale and on a low budget. The truly great ones often move on to brick and mortar sites, others stick with the truck and still others fold because in spite of the fact that they have good food the owners often didn’t realize that a food truck requires a lot of work and a deep commitment.dscn2471

Anyway yesterday after I volunteered at the Tucson Modernism Store, I tried the Venezuelan food truck parked out front. The menu is mostly arepas filled with various meats. Sides include black beans, plantains and more.

The line was relatively short and the food arrived in a timely manner.

I ordered the pernil – roast pork – arepa and plantains.

I loved the plantains. They were sticky sweet and melted in my mouth. I also really liked the arepa. There was a golden crunch and an inner softness. The pork was good but I was a little disappointed. I expected a little more meatiness. Perhaps a little more of the guascaca sauce might’ve helped.

I’ll go back though because there are plenty of other items to explore.

Tomorrow more about my food trip to Brooklyn.