Get Thee to Poco & Mom’s

My notes say that it has been 11 days since my last post. No apologies, I’ve just been very busy with an assignment. And since I have another upcoming assignment with a looming deadline, I thought I’d best post today.

I finally ate at Poco & Mom’s. People rave about this New Mexican style Mexican restaurant and after a lunch there with Circle of Food‘s Karyn Zoldan, I can see why.

While Sonoran Mexican (the food found in restaurants in Tucson) is still the best Mexican food in the US, the food of our neighboring state comes a close second. The dishes are basically the same, but the flavors are more subtle. Green chiles play a predominant role due to the deliciously famous Hatch chiles. They are pretty spectacular; deep and dark in flavor with heat taking a backseat.

I ordered my go-to dish, chile rellenos that came with a choice of red, green or sour cream green chile sauce on top and rice, refried beans and a flour tortilla. Karyn had her standby, the green chile pork stew.

We waited awhile but the place was packed. There are two Poco & Mom’s locations: the one we ate at on Tanque Verde Road, which is almost fancy in decor and the ‘original’ on Kolb which from what I hear is down home and funky. We caught up on gossip, um I mean news, and munched on chips and salsa. If you judge a Mexican restaurant by its salsa, P&M’s is a winner. Fresh and smoky with just the right amount of heat, the salsa was practically perfect.

Our entree portions were huge. Karyn’s stew sloshed over the lip of the large bowl. DSCN2408Fiery red from roasted tomatoes and filled with chunks of tender pork, green chiles, potatoes, onions all that was needed was the a dip of the flour tortilla.

My rellenos were superb with just enough cheese. DSCN2407The chiles themselves were tender and smoky and  the batter was actually crispy and  still light. But what made this dish was the sour cream – green chile sauce that covered the chiles. I wanted to lick the plate. Green chile was the forward flavor; the texture rich and smooth. I could become addicted to the sauce. The plate came with rice (so-s0) and beans that could hole their own against any in town.

I only wish  there was a Poco & Mom’s location closer to home. so I could eat there more often.