These Classes Prove Learning Can Be Fun!

Cooking classes seem to be everywhere in Tucson.

For a minor fee, participants can learn to cook everything from soup to shortcake.

The Carriage House just released the list of classes for the last part of the year.DSCN2063

Four of my favorite chefs – Janos Wilder, Marianne Banes (Kingfisher), Maria Mazon (Boca Tacos y Tequila) and Alan Zeman (Fuego).DSCN2272will be conducting classes at this beautiful venue. Janos’ Kitchen Boot Camp is already sold out for on August 28th, but there’s another one in October. In his other class, Janos will celebrate Phuket, Thailand as part of his Summer World Tour menus. A dinner is included in the class. Phuket, like Tucson, is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

Marianne’s class is all about pies.DSCN0895 I think that’s one I’ll attend. Maria’s and Alan’s classes are called Hands On. Getting involved is the best way to learn.

Other chefs include Wendy Gauthier (a demonstration class) and Judith Baigent King (3 classes over a period of weeks).

These classes are fun. Plus you learn valuable foodie info and you get to eat! My idea of learning.

Contact Megan at 615-6100 for details and to register.