Kneaders Comes to Town

We had a fun time the other day at Kneaders Bakery & Café. By we, I mean Karyn Zoldan of Circle of Food blog and Edie Jarolim of Tucson Guide and the soon-to-be-published “Getting Naked for Money – A Travel Memoir”. By fun I mean participating in a pastry class, where we learned to make pate a choux and a basic ganache.

We along with a handful of other bloggers watched as DSCN2381 the head pastry chef created that delicate and most versatile pastry dough, pate a choux. The recipe is pretty simple, just water, flour, sugar, salt and eggs, but you have to pay attention and proceed with a fine hand or else you’ll end up with a big gooey mass.

Pate a choux is used in many French pastries – eclairs and the like – but the origins are from Italy.DSCN2373DSCN2376

She showed us how to use a pastry bag to create the various shapes. That was lots fun and I can honestly say, now I feel confident using that magic tool.DSCN2386

Kate also showed us how to make chocolate ganache. Watching the two ingredients (quality Belgian chocolate and heavy cream) come together all silky and shiny.DSCN2390DSCN2391

We filled the previously cooked pastries with vanilla cream and then dipped them in the ganache. And we got to take them home.DSCN2393

Kneaders is relatively new to Tucson. This is their second store here but the company has 50 other stores in six other states. Originally from Utah, Kneaders takes great pride in supporting the local communities where they are located.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves fresh salads, soups and sandwiches along with a full menu of baked goods (the chunky cinnamon bread looks delish).

There’s a third store in the works. I’ll be back.