Union Never Disappoints

Most people, I think, tend to eat at the same places  again and again.

Whether for convenience, cost or just because they love the food and vibe, diners have their “regular” places that they patronize.

Union Public House is our “regular” place. We don’t eat there weekly, but when the time comes to decide where to go for dinner or lunch we more often than not head for this gastropub.

Union is the keystone restaurant in St Philip’s Plaza. Close to home, we like the atmosphere – sort of clubby sort of hip watering hole – and the modern, comfort food they offer. Drinks are generous, as are the food portions. The wine list is interesting with half-off deals on bottles on Mondays and Tuesdays. Whiskey Wednesdays is a big draw (although not really our thing.)

Our favorites include the warm, house made pretzels that are served with two mustardy dipping sauces and the pub chips topped with blue cheese sauce, pork belly and crumbled blue cheese. The onion rings are pretty damn good, too. And for those looking for something to ease their guilt Brussel sprouts (with bacon, beets and honey) or crispy cauliflower can be found.

Side faves are the mac & cheese which is big enough to be a stand-alone meal.

Fish and chips are some of the best in town – big fingers of white fish in a light but crunchy batter served over a mess of fries with a side salad.fishnchips

The chicken and waffles are outstanding.unionchknwaffles The corn waffles are thick and not overly sweet and are topped with three huge pieces of meaty, crispy buttermilk fried chicken. Bacon infused maple syrup and a hot sauce that’ll wake you up come on the side. The tastes and textures offer just about everything you might ever want in one bite.

We’ve been known to order the steak, pasta or pot pie. All of which are very tasty. And the Union Burger (English cheddar, pickled onions, bacon jam and arugula is served on a house made bun is a winner, especially at Social Hour

Flatbreads, salads and sandwiches round out the menu. And there is a decent list of desserts.

On Friday evenings, Union morphs into a loud, crowded bar scene; but that’s okay we’re usually home by then.