The Weekend Well-Fed Foodie Report

Oh what foodie weekend……

Saturday we hopped on the Modern Streetcar and took it to the end of the line and then back again to Main Gate Square to eat at Red’s Smokehouse and Tap Room’s Summer Barbeque Bash. This was a celebration of all things local – from the food to the beer and beyond. Whiskey del Bac was flowing and the taps were awash with Dragoon and other local brews. REPTUC was selling event related t-shirts and Matt Russell was broadcasting his show, On The Menu …..Live.

The place was packed and with good reason. Red’s had cooked up a whole hog from E&R Pork – over 240 pounds once they infused it with a secret blend of seasonings.reds summer ash

It was like a church picnic with beer!

And while you could get a plate of that wonderful pork for $15, we went with the all the fixings plate, which included four different salads, beans, a mess of grilled veggies and thick slices of white bread. It was $22 and totally worth the extra price.

CJ Hamm was running the front of the house like an ace and Chef/owner Ramiro Scavo was in keeping tabs on the food.

You know you’re doing something right when chefs eat at your restaurant. Ryan Clark of PY Steakhouse was there as Devon Sanner of The Carriage House and Downtown Kitchen& Cocktails. Brandon Dillon of Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink was there, too and Chris Squires of 10 Fifty-Five Brewing.

We filled our plates twice – John grabbed some andouille that was also available… There was chicken but I think that was after we left.

Then on Sunday in celebration of Circle of Food’s Karyn Zoldan’s, birthday we did Dim Sum and Then Some Sunday at The Carriage House. We being: Karyn, Edie Jarolim, Norma Gentry of ProVentures and myself.

The salads, saladgreenpapayajanosthe dumplings,dumplingd&bananfritterscarriagehouse the peachy lychee mimosasmimosacarriagehouse…what a wonderful meal. The choices are and interesting mix of Asian, Latin and American plates. We all really liked the chilaquiles, crispy layers of tortillas and pork in a spicy sauce and topped with a fried egg. And the dumplings are plump and tender….

People kept coming through the door; the crowd was a great mix of families, couples old and young, large groups of friends. The servers kept bringing more food.

Janos stopped by the tables and treated Karyn to banana bread pudding for her birthday….we also had chocolate truffles.

If you haven’t been I highly recommend making reservations soon. Prices are more than reasonable, portions are all big enough to share and who can argue with mimosas?