A Burger by Any Other Name

On Saturday we ate at Graze Premium Burgers for the first time. We enjoyed the burgers and the fries. There is a true sense of creating a great, healthful product here. They use Niman Ranch all-natural antibiotic/hormone free premium beef. There are some interesting dipping sauces that include Siracha mayo, sweet red chili and curry ketchup.
Today, Blake’s LotaBurgers, a popular chain out of New Mexico, opens right across the street. I’ve heard good things about Blake’s and will try them soon. Blake’s is known for their green chile cheeseburgers. They use Hatch chiles, which are some of the best on the planet. They also have hot dogs, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches and breakfast.
It will be interesting to see how the competition plays out, but that’s not what this post is about.
After I downloaded the photos from Graze, I decided to put all my burger photos in one fold. That simple thought turned into a three day project where I organized all the photos in my laptop!
There is still some chaos as I don’t know where all the pics were taken and in some cases what the food is so there is work to be done. But I have to say I’m proud of myself and I hope to keep on top of things.
Only time will tell.
Anyway, here are a few burger pics – in no particular order of preference -I’ve taken over the years. (Sorry, I have no Blake’s photos.)

P&L Burger – Toronto

Fab burgers! The aroma of the place was a flashback to Kewpee‘s burgers in Racine, WI.


Monkey Burger



Gentle Ben’s

A longtime Tucson favorite joint.


Diablo Burger

The bun adds a whole other texture.

the bun

Momufuku Shrimp Stack Burger (not my pic)

This one was a killer!


Sam Burger at ZinBurger

My go-to at Zinburger.


Fini’s Chubasco Burger

Who knew a place known for fish tacos could do such a great burger.