Keeping up with ……..

My presentation for Lost Restaurants of Tucson at the Tucson Festival of Books was a thrilling experience. The tent was packed and the audience was engaged. Many of them asked about their favorites; some that are in the book others that are not. But that didn’t matter because it was all positive feedback.bookcover0001
Of course, there was Donna Nordin, the amazing chef/owner of Café Terrra Cotta. She prepared her goat cheese-stuffed prawns. The recipe is in the book.
Michael Luria, her stepson, was a lively moderator and Lupita Murrillo, longtime reporter from KVOA, worked the audience with a deft hand.DSCN2124
Also on hand at the Tasting Table were Alan Zeman of Fuego, Alice Mezon of Papagayo, Dr. Patricia Sparks of Penelope and Richard Tyler of The Tack Room.DSCN2120
That was followed by two book signings: one at the University of Arizona Bookstore’s tent and the other at the Mostly Books tent. Both went well. Many people bought the book and had wonderful comments.
But then on Sunday when I opened the Home section of the Arizona Daily Star, I saw a review of the book. Christine-Wald Hopkins wrote a glowing review of the book but what was most touching was that her reaction was just what I had hoped for. Lost Restaurants of Tucson stirred great memories for her. That’s what I wanted readers to feel.
Below is the review. Thank you Christine and all the people who came out to the presentation, Thank you Karyn Zoldan of Circle of Food for the photo and for posting the piece. I think I’ll hire you as my agent.