A Sneak Peek

Today is the first official Dim Sum & Then Some at The Carriage House, Chef Janos Wilder’s new – and truly beautiful- event space.
But yesterday I took a class, taught by The Carriage House’s Executive Chef, Devon Sanner that highlighted some of the options that will be available today.DSCN2080
I’ve known Devon for several years now and I love the intelligence he brings to his work. He also brings passion, but in a quiet contained way. Watching him prepare the four dishes we had yesterday was a pure pleasure.
He began with the smashed cucumber salad that came with bang-bang chicken.DSCN2086

The cukes were smashed with a big wooden mallet (I got to do some of the smashing) and then salted and sugared and drained in a sieve. That allowed for the subtle flavor of the cukes to shine. The chicken was also bashed. The whole thing was fun to watch and delicious.
Devon also showed us how to prep pork belly. The process is more than I’d ever want to attempt, but the results were well worth it. He stuffed the final product into those soft, fluffy buns that are so differently good. I tried making them once, with disastrous results. Good to know they can be purchased in town.DSCN2091DSCN2096
There were vegetable egg rolls and wonderful little chicken and shrimp dumplings known as shao mai. I could’ve eaten a dozen of them.DSCN2077
I can’t wait to take another class. The line-up is pretty exciting with chefs from all over the city contributing.DSCN2097
Check out The Carriage House’s  website for a full list of classes.