Lunch & Learn – What more could one ask for?

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of attending the first Lunch & Learn at Carriage House, Janos Wilder’s newest culinary venture downtown.

I’ve posted about the Carriage House before but only in the context of what was to come.

Well, now it’s here and the wait has been worth it.

We got a tour of the space. The front of the house is a nice blend of modern chic and historic preservation. The kitchen, which was built from the ground up, is state of the art.

First course was a fantastic salad that combined such local ingredients as tepary beans and cholla cactus buds and green beans. It light, bright and almost a stand alone meal.DSCN2052

While we ate the salad, Janos led us through the prep of the main course, a Southwestern take on chicken mousseline, El Presidio Chicken. DSCN2066It’s a throwback from this original restaurant, Janos. The dish was finished off with a bright salsa and refried black beans.DSCN2063

Janos’ whole career has been about “a sense of place”. As he prepared the dish he talked about his lifelong philosophy to his work:bringing people together to grow a community.for the betterment of everyone.   Janos says it so much better and in a much more entertaining way. But that’s why he has been so successful for so long. He has a heart of gold and the know-how to make things happen.

We finished the meal with a Oaxacan bread pudding that sat on a puddle of mescal sauce and on the side a egg nog ice cream. I love bread pudding and this dish did not disappoint.DSCN2069

If yesterday is any indication of what the future brings at Carriage House, Tucson is in for a treat.

With cooking classes from local chefs, to chefs’ dinners to private events (and the much anticipated Dim Sim and then Some Sunday lunches) Tucson is in for a great ride.

Check out the website for a complete list of upcoming events and classes.