Downtown Chef’s Table: A Tucson Treat

Tucson has plenty to brag about when it comes to all things culinary. Let us count the ways:
▪The city was recently named A UNESCO City of Gastronomy. This is a well-earned honor. It should be noted that Tucson is the ONLY city in the United States that holds this title.
▪A blossoming Downtown dining scene. From pizza to steaks to tours around the world, diners can find just about any type of food in any type of venue.
▪A full slate of creative and clever chefs. Some of these chefs have been around for decades; others are newcomers. But all love to celebrate Tucson’s bounty.
▪Rich sources of local food and drink that includes everything from honey to wine to whiskey and cheese and vegetables and fruits and…..
Now all these elements will be coming together in the City of Gastronomy Chef’s Table. The event will be held on March 6th at Chef Janos Wilder’s Carriage House. Carriage House is Wilder’s latest venture and will be the site of numerous cooking classes, public and private events and dinners and is located behind his DOWNTOWN Kitchen & Cocktails.carriage house
Janos and Jerry Alday from DK&C will work with a huge team of other local chefs to create a one-of-a-kind evening. In addition to Wilder other chefs participating include: Erika Bostick from Agustin Kitchen, Carlotta Flores from El Charro, Kris Vrolijk from Proper, Chris Bianco from Pizzeria Bianco,

DSCN1897Travis Reese from 47 Scott, Patricia Schwabe from Penca and Tyler Fenton from Reilly.
Wine pairings and discussions will be a part of the evening.
As usual, The Chef’s Table Dinner will benefit local charities. This year Tu Nidito and Fox Tucson Theater.
Seating is limited to 160 people. Cost is $150 per person. Dinner starts at 5:30.
This is a truly special event that highlights the best that Tucson has to offer.
Tickets can be purchased on the event facebook page at . Carriage House is located at 146 E. Broadway, with the entrance on Arizona Avenue just east of DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails.
Sponsors include Dr. and Mrs. Gulshan Sethi, Sinfonia Healthcare and the Downtown Tucson Partnership.