Margarita Madness: Do you have what it takes?

I love the fact that on any given day specific foods and drinks are celebrated.

Today, for example is National Chocolate Cake Day. And March 14th is National Potato Chip Day. On October 4th we celebrate National Taco Day.

The list is three hundred and sixty-five days long and on certain dates more than one food is honored.

So one might think that February 22 would be National Cherry Pie Day (George Washington being long associated with cherries) but no, February 22nd in National Margarita Day.

And at Blanco Tacos & Tequila, The Fox Restaurant Concept restaurant in La Encantada plaza, they will celebrate margaritas in style with a recipe contest.

Here is the info I received about this unique event.

“Blanco will be introducing a “Margarita of the Month” to showcase their vast variety of seasonal ingredients in their margaritas and this is the perfect way to launch that.

And now, the details:


-Starting February 1 and going through February 14, guests can enter their recipes via the Blanco Facebook page

-Between February 15 and 20, the fine folks at Blanco will choose their top four recipes

-Starting on National Margarita Day, February 22, and continuing through February 24, guests will be able to vote for their favorite online

-And finally, for the entire month of March, everyone will be able to enjoy the people’s choice margarita.


So, if you haven’t already, sign up for eBites on the Fox Restaurant Concepts webpage at for a chance to vote!”

If you have a great recipe for a margarita (or feel inspired to create something new) GO FOR IT!

And if you are not so inclined, take a trip to Blanco Tacos & TequilaDSCN1371 for lunch or dinner.