A Little Background Music, Please.

While Fini’s Landing may not have anything to do with ‘Lost Restaurants of Tucson’ the band playing there the other night could fit right in, Roadhouse is a great local band that plays all the Golden Oldies of the ‘50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Frankie used to be a part of the 70’s music scene in Tucson with his band mate Woody. Their music would be a great background to ‘Lost Restaurants of Tucson’ through that decade.bookcover0001
Led by Frankie Manhardt Roadhouse rocks wherever they play and Fini’s Landing was no exception.
Frankie sang most of the songs, Joe Pierce was really hot on the harmonica and Par Perotti (spelling) was on keyboard. Ralph Hartley played guitars. A truly cool happening was when Ralph’s son stood in; but the truly cool addition was Ralph’s grandson playing sax on several songs. Two different kinds of saxes, mind you.

Frankie also plays in other bands around town.
I’ve attached photos of the band and, of course, the food at Fini’s Landing.fries