We Love 47 Scott

The only thing I regret about this post is that I don’t have any photos. It isn’t for lack of trying, but the lighting at 47 Scott is made for comfort and romance and not for obsessive picture taking. And the food is for enjoying not posing. And we did enjoy the food at this Downtown bistro, indeed we did. (The photo is from a previous visit to Scott & Co. sister speakeasy to 47 Scott).
Karyn Zoldan of Circle of Food blog, Edie Jarolim, Contributing Editor at Tucson Guide, and I were invited by the owner, Travis Reese and his wife  Laura to sample their new menu. The other owner is Nicole Flowers. Created by the new chef, Daniel Thomas, the menu is small and smart. Thomas takes the finest ingredients, many of which are local, and turns out food that is full of flavor and crave-worthy. From beginning to end, every dish we had that night was outstanding.
We started with a cocktail, the Sonoran 74, so called because the contents are all found in or near to our lovely Sonoran desert (even the gin which is distilled in Phoenix). Sparkling wine, fresh lemon and jamaica syrup were blended into a not-too-sweet ruby colored libation.
Food arrived at the table shortly (and continued for an hour and a half.) First up pork belly two ways. Number one consisted of a huge, tender piece of crispy pork belly that had been that was served with frisee, roasted corn and an apples cider/blueberry reduction. The second, mixed roasted Brussels sprouts and crisped belly in a glaze that popped with a heat and that was tempered by sweetness.
Two salads followed. Both were deceptively simple. Two kinds of beets (thinly sliced raw golden beets and chunks of tender red ones) were tossed with arugula with a glazed pecan vinaigrette. But then, hidden under it all was a creamy yogurt sauce that had been whipped with goat cheese. I wanted to lick the plate. The other salad, this time dressed with a honey-mustard vinaigrette, had spinach, frisee, strawberries, pears and…more bacon. It was sweet, tangy, crispy, soft, all in a bite. We also enjoyed the crusty bread and warm aioli dipping sauce.
There were three entrees: a pork chop, a burger and trout. The chop was heavenly with several twists that elevated the ordinary into the extraordinary. There was mustard seed “caviar”, chive spaetzle, and Brussel kraut with thyme pan juice.
The Idaho trout was my fave. Cooked to perfection, the fish fell apart with a touch, it came with chorizo/Yukon potato hash and corn broth. Words don’t come close.
The burger, which has been on the menu, is now done a little differently. With plenty of house made toppings including pickles, cheese and aioli to name a few, this was a fine burger. It came with some tasty frites.
And if all that wasn’t enough…there were three desserts. A chocolate pot au crème, a salted caramel panna cotta (the best in spite of that wonderful chocolate one) and a pumpkin something or other. I apologize, by that time I was food drunk.
We had spectacular personalized service. Chef Thomas talked with us for a bit. His credentials are impressive.
Laura and Travis were so warn and kind.
I cannot wait to return to 47 Scott soon. Something tells me there is a trout with my name on it.