Humble Pie Rocks(and we’re not talking about the band)

An empty restaurant space is a sad thing to behold so when the folks behind Humble Pie, a pizza chain out of the Phoenix area put up a sign at La Encantada, it was most welcome.
Located in the former Blue Point seafood space, Humble Pie offers pizza, pasta, appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches and even a burger or two.
We dined there the other evening during a soft opening. The place is small with two patios wrapping around the building and a huge oven that can be viewed from about any table in the house. There is a full bar, a decent wine list and beers from near and far.
The apps are probably the most interesting items on the menu because they are a little different than most of the apps you see around, the chilled green beans being a prime example. Here thin, crisp, chilled green beans are tossed in a whole grain mustard aioli and sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts. They were fab and certainly a little more healthful than fries (which are also found on the menu. They come dressed with chile flakes, parsley, garlic, lemon zest, Pecorino cheese and garlic aioli.)
We also ordered the toasted ravioli. These were a nice version. There were five of them; light, crispy and creamy all at the same time. They’re served with the house marinara. It allowed for a true taste of the marinara without all sorts of other flavors getting in the way.
So much food to start….so we ordered just one pie to share – a simple pepperoni. It certainly was big enough for just one person. We’ll do that next time. There definitely plenty to choose from. Pizza Fire
The pie was sizzling hot with a tender crust that had blistered beautifully from the heat of the oven. It was loaded with pepperoni and fresh mozzarella was used.
We actually had room for dessert. There are really only two house desserts (ice cream is available buy the scoop). We opted for the chocolate chip cookie pizza because we saw the size of the donut hole order at the table next to us (huge doesn’t come close).
Service was friendly and knowledgeable.
It was loud though but then again there wasn’t an empty table in the house and most of those held six or more people.
Humble Pie is a nice addition to the La Encantada restaurant “row” and is owned by the same company that owns the other new restaurant at the plaza, The Living Room. The Living Room is located on the lower level.