Yelp gets a taste of its own medicine.

One local restaurant owner has taken on Yelp in a most ingenious way. Aric Mussman, who with his brother owns two Italian/pizza joints in Tucson called Vero Amore, has posted a banner on the front of one of his restaurants that states, “No Yelpers” in big, bold letters.
The message was inspired by an episode of South Park.
Mussman notes that most reviews he gets on the “everyone’s a critic’ website are positive, but he feels the fact that anyone can post anything on Yelp without using their real name is bad for businesses of any kind.
Yelp has no method of verifying if people even visited a business before writing a review. Often businesses have people write bad reviews in order to discredit a more successful competitor. Sometime people do it for kicks. People have been known to mistakenly review a business because they got the name wrong. It might have been a good idea at one time, but with now accountability the whole thing has gotten out of hand.
As a long-time professional restaurant reviewer, I applaud the Mussman brothers. Yelp reviews cheapen the process. People, especially when it comes to restaurants, want to be the next Anthony Bourdain and write reviews using “edgy” words. Now, I cuss like a sailor, but using foul language is lazy writing. And slamming a business can be done in a good way as long as you use your own name.
Sure, a business can learn something from a bad review, but some of the reviews border on libel. Plus, who cares what an anonymous person has to say. If you have an opinion, own it.
Mussman has also started a Facebook page called ‘Yelping Isn’t Helping’ and he is getting some national attention from and other newspapers across the nation.
Check it out.