Not Your Usual Sushi Joint

Campbell Plaza has a whole ration of restaurant choices from a burger chain to Tucson’s only true vegetarian restaurant. You can dine on pizza (two places), Greek fare or fish tacos. There’s a juice bar and a yogurt shop. And over the years, there’s been a sushi restaurant tucked in the back. Unlike most of the other spots in the plaza that seem to have lasted for years, the sushi restaurant has had different owners and different names. Nothing had lasted very long and one, I believe it was Yuki’s had two goes at it.
The latest venture is called K’s Japanese Restaurant and if my visit yesterday is any indication, they may just have what it takes to last. I only had one roll and a bowl of ramen, but both were great examples of what they were supposed to be.
The menu, as far as the soup goes, is quite clever. You have a choice of bases (Tonkatsu pork, miso and soy); your choice of noodles (ramen, wheat soba and sanuki-udon) and then you can pick your toppings (inari/veggie, chicken, tempura, seafood- shrimp, scallop, kani – or char siu.). DSCN1933
They also allow you to build your own yaki noodle dish and bento plate. There’s a long list of sushi offerings, donburi and teppanyaki. Also, something I am not familiar with call Cha Han which is fried rice with green bean, carrots, onion and green onion and is actually a Chinese dish.
And they have combo plates and lunch specials.
Now I’m no expert when it comes to ramen, but the bowl I had was probably the best I’ve had in Tucson. I opted for the Tonkatsu pork, ramen, inari combo. The veggies on top were fantastic but the broth is what made the soup different. There was flavor, substance….it was good. The soft shell crab roll was also a treat.DSCN1935
I will return to try other items; the bbq squid looked heavenly.