Janos and team do it again!

Last night to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary we went to Downtown Kitchen and Cocktails. We decided the Around the World Tour was just too good to pass up.
If you aren’t familiar with the Around the World Tour you should be. Every summer, Janos Wilder and his amazing crew pick four cities across the globe and every month feature one of those city’s foods.
So far they’ve traveled to Istanbul and Moscow. Next month it’ll be Chengdu, China. Last night (and through August 31st) it was Kingston, Jamaica. They serve a three course meal for $36.00. That is a deal and a half because as everyone in Tucson knows the food that comes out of Janos’ kitchen is always a treat; fresh ingredients prepared with skill and imagination with service that is top notch.
You can order off the regular menu, of course. And even those prices are pretty reasonable.
The featured cocktail was totally island. It’s called the Flower of Kingston and has pink peppercorn infused rum, bitter chamomile, pineapple and grapefruit juices and house made ginger beer. It went down way to easy.
There was a choice of three appetizers but we both ordered the Crabmeat rundown. Our server, Keely, explained what a rundown was. I don’t remember the details but the dish was rich with coconut milk, creamy Caribbean corn, curry, tomatoes, peas and so much sweet tender crabmeat that I could’ve stopped right there and been happy. There were also two sweet potato stamp and go’s, tiny fritters that acted the perfect foil to the rest of the dish.
Our entrees were also wonderful. One was trout stuffed with grilled octopus and the other a curried goat stew. I can try and describe them, but words don’t do either justice. One bite and you knew you were in for a fine meal. The goat stew held a hint of curry and was filled with fruits and was topped with a cranberry, pineapple, habanero chutney that popped with both coolness and heat. It balanced the stew perfectly. The fish was fall apart tender and almost creamy.
We finished off with dessert (we opted out of the banana split and went for the cajeta chocolate torte and stuck with the rum cake with papaya ice cream. I didn’t think I could even eat a mouthful after the fab dishes that preceded dessert, but somehow I did.
Service was superb. We wanted for nothing and felt like special guests. The vibe there is also pretty special, modern, warm, casual, and romantic.
I didn’t take any pictures. It just didn’t seem right. So I stole the logo for the World Tour. Apologies to the artist.
I highly recommend a trip to Downtown Kitchen & Cocktails. If the Chinese menu comes anywhere near to the meal we had last night – and I have no doubt it will – I hope to get there again myself.