Baja Cafe…..just what the Eastside needed

This week I took a road trip to Willcox, AZ with Karyn Zoldan,  Mary Jo Pollack and K. Loren Dawn. We were in search of vegetables, fruits (at Apple Annie’s) and maybe some wine. We found the first two, although they were pretty limited; but all the wine tasting rooms were closed until the weekend. Oh well, next time.

Before we left Tucson though we ate at the Baja Cafe. I’d heard lots of good thing about the place and so it was great to finally eat there. Their huge menu is has old-time diner fare with modern twists and Latin American influences. Weirdly enough, I ordered plain old eggs Benedict.

I don’t remember what Karyn or Loren ordered but Mary Jo had The Coyote: poached eggs, jalapeno bacon, Hatch chiles all smothered in a chipotle “Hollandaise” sauce (which looked more like a thick salsa than anything Hollandaise). She said it was delicious.DSCN1877

I liked mine, too. I think we all did. I might’ve preferred a little bit more sauce on the eggs but the on the whole the dish was most satisfying.

The Baja Cafe is a charming little spot. There’s nothing fancy about it but the menu is truly creative and the service is friendly. I think they’ll do well because they seem to care and the food was reasonably priced and well-prepared. It would be fun to explore their menu a little more.