Four Cheers for Tucson

I’ve been banging Tucson’s culinary drum for years, trying to get the national press to recognize the fact that Tucson a very food-centric city with a fabulous variety of tastes and a stable of great chefs.

In the last few weeks, it seems the national press has heard our loud banging.

First, a semi-nice piece in the New York Times followed shortly by a really positive write-up in New York magazine .

Will wonders never cease.

The earlier this week Phoenix New Times featured Tucson several eateries and had nothing but good to say about it.

And then this morning in USA Today, the paper described the 10 Best Local Eats as defined by Alton Brown. He raved about Tucson Tamale. http://www.usatoday

Yeah, Tucson.

But we knew it all the time, didn’t we?