A Little Bit of Heaven

Anita’s Street Market is one of my most favorite eateries in Tucson. I’ve always called it Anita Street Market because it is on Anita Street.

Packs of warm tortillas sit on the counter, tiny, golden empanadas practically glow in their glass case, the aroma of food emanating from the kitchen in back calls to you.

And the red chile? I think it’s the best in town and that’s saying a lot for a town with a lot of kick-ass red chili.

Here the beef is big and chunky, the sauce smooth and thick (but not so mush so) and the heat comes on low and slow, lingering just  tad at the back of your throat. It doesn’t even need the great house made salsa.DSCN1657

There’s s huge menu of other items as well.

The empanadas are practically perfect, as well. there must be two dozen kinds filled with apple and cherry and lemon and chocolate and so many other delectable flavors.

Anita’s Street Market is to easy to find, but Anita Street is not. I suggest taking Main Street south until you get to Davis Ave (there’s a metal sculpture of a church on the corner and you can see Davis Bilingual when you turn. The stop sign is Anita Street. Turn right and drive about six blocks. Barrio Anita is such a lovely little neighborhood, one of  Tucson’s nicest.

The market is on the left. It’s not big but you spot all the cars parked  out front.

There will be a wait but not a long one. And it will be worth it.

Don’t forget the tortillas.

Leaving I would make a u-turn and go back the way you came. Heading north is a hassle.

If you can make it home without sneaking a bite of something your a stranger person than I am.

Anita’s Street Market

849 N. Anita St.

I can’t seem to get the link to work, but they have a Facebook page/