Buona idea!

My Italian classes continue at Tavolino.
Io sono un lento studente ma io sono un mangiatore veloce. As proof I could write about half of that on my own but needed an online interpreter for the rest. Mamma Mia!
Yesterday one of my classmates asked the Chef Eduardo if it was possible to make a pasta with just mushrooms. He answered with a resounding yes. Apparently it is on the dinner menu as penne ai funghi.
Well, it sounded so good that everyone in the class, except for one ordered the dish.
Buona idea!
Deep and savory, the mushrooms with the help of a little bit of Parmesan had made their own sauce. Little bits of spinach added color.DSCN1651 I had a nice Sangiovese with it, but I think it would’ve worked well with any red.

I’ve been taking the lessons through Tucson Italian. Professora Theresa Levy is meraviglioso!

The classes are fun. No pressure. No homework. And lunch is included!

The food at Tavolino is molto buono, especially the pasta, most of which are homemade. DSCN1473 The pizza is also fantastic.DSCN1089

Grazie, Theresa.