RA! RA! RA Sushi!

Last week I had the opportunity to sample the new additions to the menu at RA Sushi & Bar.

The dishes were ideal for the upcoming warm weather and they were paired with three cocktails.

We started with a red seabream nigiri

seabream nigiri HEROand and a red seabream carpaccio. The carpaccio was zingy with lemon ans a spicy yuzu dressing. Micro greens, trufffle salt and lemon zest finished off this delightful plate.seabream sashimi HERO

The nigiri presented the seabream in a whole other form.

Then there was a clever take on the old standard strawberry-spinach salad. RA added plumb langostinos, cucumber and avocado. These were all dressed in a fantastic citrus vinaigrette, wasabi sauce and a dash of truffle salt.DSCN1637

And then there was a kicked up California roll with a savory togarashi, crispy garlic chips and a black pepper soy sauce.DSCN1640

The cocktails, one being a spicy margarita, will no doubt be big hits this summer in The Old Pueblo.