A Meeting of the Minds

Great news!

I seldom post twice in one day but I just heard via Gerald Gay and Tucson Foodie that the folks at Prep & Pastry have teamed with Virginia “Ginny” Wooters for their new restaurant Commoner & Co. The fact that Ginny is a partner makes the news even better.

This is wonderful news for Tucsonans and for all parties involved.

Prep & Pastry is one of the best places in Tucson. Their take on so many foods and the vibe at P&P stepped up the game in town. the cure

Ginny has made a name for herself with the Metzger Family restaurants, most notably in my opinon, JAX Kitchen.DSCN1625DSCN1400

Ginny makes great comfort food but with a whimsical spin, Her fried chicken is killer.

P&P is known for great breakfasts – I adore their duck confit hash – and some terrific sandwiches,

The pairing should be heavenly.

Commoner & Co. will open sometime in early summer and is located where The Abbey (a kitchen space that Wooter once ruled) used to be.