A Mac n’ Cheese HQ

Doing research has its rewards. Yesterday prior to getting started on research at the Arizona Historical Society, I needed to grab a bite to eat.

Now there’s no shortage of eateries in and around Main Gate Square but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time eating. I opted for The Fix.

Mac n; cheese is the draw here. I don’t think they’re a chain but I could be wrong.There’s a chain vibe to the place (decor is  mishmash f posters, mirrors and stuff).

They call themselves Arizona’s mac n’ cheese headquarters and while that may be an odd claim, there is no shortage of the gooey stuff on the menu. I ordered the lobster from the classic part of the menu. Classic meaning cheddar. The other choice is Alfredo sauce.

The food took just the right amount of time getting to the table which meant it wasn’t just slopped on the plate or I should say aluminum container. There’s no complaints about the container, this is a college eatery after all and that style makes for easy take away.

The portion was huge. Long, curly, tubular pasta and chunks of lobster had been baked in a creamy sauce and then baked to a nice, golden brown.

Now I’m not saying this was knock your socks off mac n’ cheese but everything came together nicely. I would’ve like a little more zing to the sauce (I didn’t add any of the condiment additions) but I liked the dish). I felt bad, in fact. that I couldn’t take the leftovers with me. (they frown on food at the museum even if it’s stashed in a purse). I think, too, had I ordered another type I might’ve liked it more. There’s a long list with such options as pizza and bacon, bacon and truffle Swiss burger.

I’ll go back. I mean, what a fab idea! Mac n’ cheese without the work and at a decent price…why not?