Buy Sandwiches

While running errands yesterday we decided to have lunch at Bison Witches on 4th Avenue.

Every time I eat there I’m reminded how much I like Bison Witches. During the day, it’s family friendly. At night the place rocks.

They must have 30 sandwiches to choose from and while some are the typical bar/deli offerings, there are quite a few you don’t find elsewhere. I had a beef and brie that had a tang of house made mustard and juicy beef under a layer of soft warm, gooey brie. Actually, I had a half a sandwich and a bowl of their famous Wisconsin cheese soup.

All the soups are served in bread bowls (kind of corny but they make the bowls themselves and adds a nice touch), but they are all so good. The cheese soup is smooth and not too thick. Bits of bacon are a big part of this tasty soup. The clam chowder sings with clam flavor.

The sandwich half is enormous; the whole sandwich defies imagination. Plus you get chips.

I know they used to make most of the breads in house. I think they still do.

And for beer lovers. there are plenty of choices from near and far.

Bison Witches is one of the many places on ‘The Ave’ to get a great meal. If you haven’t tried it, by all meand do.