By Nook or by Crook

Earlier this week I met Karyn Zoldan, my good foodie friend for breakfast. Karyn writes the blog, Circle of Food, which is currently undergoing a huge revamp because she is now the sole owner. I’m looking forward to the changes. Karyn is clever and funny and has a way of looking at things, especially the hospitality industry, that makes you laugh out loud (and think).

We met at Nook,a relatively new place Downtown that serves breakfast, lunch and brunch on weekends. It is located next to the Pima County Attorney’s office on Stone and once was home to Villa Thai and Centro, a Mexican joint. Both were popular but closed for various reasons. Let’s hope Nook lasts because they’re serving some unusual spins on traditional favorites plus creative original fare.

For example, in addition to eggs Benedict, they also serve a dish called “The Godfather” – weird name, I think, but I have to admit, it’s what I ordered. Served on a crumpet (the server described it as a homemade English muffin) that was topped with prosciutto, a mess of arugula, poached eggs, Hollandaise and a drizzle of balsamic. The crumpet was interesting and the eggs were perfect. Thankfully,, I guess, the Hollandaise was almost light. I would’ve liked more of it but I think it was probably a good thing that there wasn’t more. DSCN1626

Karyn had the BLTE sandwich. It, too was served on a crumpet and held medium egg, tomato jam and bacon. Karyn opted out ot the bacon and did note that the sandwich was good but would’ve been really good had the bacon been there.

The sandwich came with a lovely tomato salad that contained roasted cherry tomatoes in a light dressing. There isn’t a description of the salad anywhere on the menu

DSCN1627. DSCN1628

The thing is….the place was empty. Granted it was later in the morning and a little bit early for coffee break noshers but it was sad to see such an empty space.

Nook has a ‘Grab n Go’ menu but no one came in for anything while we were there.

These guys need to do some serious self-promotion. They want to eventually open for dinner but if they are having trouble bringing in the walking by crowd and the massive amount of people from the County Attorney’s office it will be a while before they can even think about expanding.

I wish the folks at Nook, the best. The food is good and nicely different. The space is pleasant. Now they just have to bang their own drum a little louder.