Tacos Apson – Indeed!

While driving back from the Southside today I noticed the taqueria, Tacos Apson.DSCN1624
People have been raving about this tiny, little joint.  It was where Janos took Ruth Reichel and others when they were in town for the Tucson Festival of Books and was the topic of discussion the night of the Tequila Dinner at the Flying V.
So I made a quick turn around and parked my car in the postage stamp sized parking lot.
The inside is also compact with a counter lining one wall and another counter that sits right in front of the grill. Big fat chiles were roasting along with something else wrapped in aluminum foil. The aroma was heavenly.DSCN1621
A large, colorful menu hung above the counter with a full range of tacos, caramelos and burros. Carne asada, lengua, barbacoa, fish, cabeza…you name it, there was a taco. And of course, there was the condiment bar. What would a taqueria be without a condiment bar.
I kept it simple with three carne asada tacos on corn tortillas. They were in front of me so fast I was amazed. But speedy delivery didn’t mean tasteless tacos. No, indeed. I topped them with a little bit of chamoy, guacamole sauce, chopped cabbage and a mild salsa.
The asada was well-seasoned with a little bit of tang and the tortillas were warm and soft. The other toppings added just the right amount of heat and crunch.DSCN1623
In other words, the tacos were fantastic!
I want to go back and try tacos that are a little more “exotic” and maybe even the deep-fried fish tacos.
Another stop was Rodriguez Seafood Market. I picked up a pound and a half of large shrimp and a can of lump crab meat. DSCN1632Which we’ll have for dinner, I can’t say.

But either way, today will be a day of good eats.