Wilko and Roger

The Main Gate Square in Tucson has a plethora of restaurants to choose from. Thankfully, there are only a couple of chains in the mix; most places are locally owned and they cater to the UofA students tastes. They serve tasty food that is fast, inexpensive and eclectic.
I had to do some research at the Arizona Historical Society the other day and decided to grab a bite before I got started. Rather than grab a quick bite I decided to eat at Wilko. Located on the corner of Park Avenue and University Boulevard, Wilko has a great mix of items on the menu. Their cocktails and beer and wine selections are interesting but I was “working.”
The interior at Wilko is beautiful: lots of rustic wood, pretty flowers on the tables, an enormous clock behind the bar and huge window walls that allow diners to do some great people watching.
Service was at the table in a flash with a repurposed wine bottle filled with cold water. Nice touch.
I kept it simple and ordered the grilled cheese sandwich with herbed fries. I opted for all three cheeses: white cheddar, provolone and gruyere. I surprised myself when I ordered the frites.
Lately, it seems, that no one knows how to make French fries anymore. Usually they’re undercooked and tasteless. Maybe it’s the lack of trans fats, but I don’t think so. I think it’s just plain lack of caring.
Whatever the reason, French fries in most place are bad.
That isn’t the case at Wilko.
These had a barely-there batter and were wonderfully crispy and redolent with rosemary.
The sandwich, too, was perfectly cooked. Gooey and toasty brown, the sandwich was almost light (if a grill cheese can ever be light,)
The other photo here is of a long ago Wilko meal: tilapia with panko coating. Tasty.

wilko tilapia
I’m glad that Wilko is drawing in the crowds.
Wilko is a great little gasropub.